Gas to Power Solutions

Delivering Power Projects is one of our Strategic Business Lines. Our team has worked on numerous Gas to Power Projects; delivering them on time and under budget. We use results oriented & innovative strategies to ensure succesful project delivery. Our team has the expertisein the following key areas:-


  • Major Multi-Fuel Offshore Power Plants
  • Major Marine Power Plants
  • Steam Turbine Power Plants .
  • Large Gas Turbine Power Modules



Primary Power Plant technology options we support include:

  • Multi-Fuel to Power
  • Gas to Power
  • Biofuel to Power
  • Combined-Cycle Power
  • Thermal Power


Our services for Power Project will normally be part of an intergrated solution such a Gas to Power, Biomass to Power or Thermal Power plants. Our expertise is focussed on analyzing the various technologies and solutions available in the market and select the optimal solution for a particular application. Our independence is guaranteed to deliver the optimal solution to our customers in terms of lowest environmental footprint, CAPEX, OPEX, schedule, quality and availablity.

We provide an end to end solution for power projects including:

  • Project Development from Project Initiation, Conceptual, Feasibility. Pre-FEED, FEED and Financial Investment Decision (FID) estimates.
  • EPC Project Management Consulting (PMC) Services
  • Project Financing
  • Operations & Maintenance Training and Management





A critical question currently faces our society – can we afford to deliver green energy?


Biomass is one of a range of environmentally friendly energy sources available to produce electrical power. Biomass is the term used to describe a group of renewable fuels that are already widely available such as chicken litter, landfill gas, wood chisp/pellets along with other combustable waste. Using these renewablefules brings both environmental and social benefits to communites. And, if correctly managed, biomass is a sustainable fuel source that can deliver a significant reduction in net carbon emissions compared with fossil fuels.



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